USC Career Launchpad

University of Southern California — Goal 1 Initiative USC Career Launchpad

The goal of the USC Career Launchpad program is to connect students with resources and expertise that will help provide them with a competitive advantage to succeed beyond their undergraduate experience at USC.

The USC Career Launchpad program is an online job-readiness program with the goal of improving in-demand skill sets and facilitating career prospects. The program will address the most prevalent skill gaps identified by the USC Career Center, alongside a career development module.

Students will have the opportunity to select courses that best fit their career goals. The curriculum will consist of courses that address career readiness skills, such as problem solving and critical thinking, digital technology, leadership, communication, and global/intercultural fluency, among other areas.

The career development module will integrate a comprehensive suite of career tools, including career exploration, resume reviews, interviewing skills, and mentorship through the Trojans 2 Trojans program.

The USC Career Launchpad program will provide students graduating in today’s complex world with the skills, tools, and connections they need to stand out from the crowd. It will leverage the best of what USC has to offer in both academics and networking to build bridges that lead to fulfilling careers.

Carol Folt, University of Southern California

Initiative Differentiators

The initiative provides an “on-ramp” to the USC alumni network and employment opportunities while addressing skills that have been deemed critical to success in the workplace.

Key Interventions and Milestones

The Career Launchpad program will provide students with centralized resources for career development, skills development, and networking opportunities to better prepare them for post-graduate success. The pilot program will launch summer 2021.

Expected Impact

The initiative addresses “leveling up” both career and life skills and could provide a blueprint for more comprehensive post-graduate preparation in this challenging economic climate. To determine the program’s success, we will track data including total enrollment, course satisfaction, and career placement data (as available).