Tech Talent Pipeline: Building Career Pathways in Computer Science & Engineering

Virginia Tech — Goal 1 Initiative Tech Talent Pipeline: Building Career Pathways in Computer Science & Engineering

The Tech Talent Pipeline initiative plans to meet the needs of both students and the Virginia economy by designing pathway programs aimed to increase enrollment and degrees earned in computer science and engineering, a growing industry across the state.

Recognizing the shift in Virginia's workforce demands towards technological industries, the Tech Talent Pipeline initiative seeks to expand offerings in computer science and engineering fields, focusing on attracting a broad group of students into tech-relevant degree programs. This includes centering historically underrepresented groups in these disciplines, as well as in-state residents who will likely work with a Virginia employer post-graduation.

By partnering with community colleges, other four-year institutions, and employers across Virginia, the initiative will increase access for all students to complete relevant degrees and gain employment in these fields, while focusing on meeting the workforce demands of state and local employers. The Tech Talent Pathways Initiative also supports students looking to enhance their credentials with graduate degrees at partnering institutions within tech-related disciplines.

The initiative aims to increase the number of in-state students graduating with degrees in computer science and engineering, as well as boost the number of graduates working in the tech industry across Virginia. Both students as job-seekers and employers in high-demand industries will benefit from the creation of tech-focused pathways that open access to these disciplines to all students.

Virginia Tech’s national leadership in STEM and our role as a global land-grant institution position us to lead the development of cross-sector partnerships, new programs, and education pathways that meet the emerging needs of the digital economy. We aspire to be a global gateway for technology and talent where motivated students from diverse backgrounds, world-class faculty, and forward-thinking companies work together to expand opportunity for everyone.

Timothy Sands, Virginia Tech

Initiative Differentiators

By collaborating across institutions, state agencies, and local businesses, the initiative is positioned to create a workforce ecosystem across Virginia that addresses the needs of both students and employers, particularly underrepresented communities in tech fields.

Key Interventions and Milestones

Over the course of the Tech Talent Pipeline initiative, Virginia Tech will engage in formal partnerships with participating employers and institutions, work to make high-quality computer science and engineering courses more accessible to all students, and develop financial support mechanisms to reach and retain underserved populations in these industries.

Expected Impact

The initiative aims to increase enrollment within both undergraduate and graduate programs of computer science and engineering, with the ultimate goal of expanding the number of graduates who enter the Virginia workforce in tech-related industries. This will create a strong and self-sustaining workforce ecosystem as demand in computer science and engineering increases across the state.