Employer Survey

University of Minnesota — Goal 1 Initiative Employer Survey

The Employer Survey initiative seeks to review a wide array of employer data across the state to support the University of Minnesota's career mentorship and, ultimately, increase job readiness among students.

By taking a cross-industry approach and surveying diverse leadership in professional sectors across Minnesota, the initiative will take the pulse of employer and industry expectations. This information is highly relevant in supporting students to become workforce-ready during their time at school, while giving students access to key industry trends and needs for their own career pathway research.

This data is particularly important given recent events in Minnesota and across the country. Details about how employers are responding to the increased attention on systemic bias, as well as to the COVID-19 pandemic, will be key knowledge for students graduating in the near-term. For example, the survey shows that 62% of employers are open to hiring international students, a critical datapoint for that student population.

As the 2020 survey data is processed, the initiative team will also design a "Hire and Recruit at the U of M" webinar training program for employer partners, developing events to increase visibility and strengthen partnerships across the state.

The University of Minnesota’s Employer Survey provides a unique window into the hiring needs, trends, and cycles of Minnesota’s economy. With this important data at hand, we are advancing greater equity, access, and opportunity to support our graduates in meeting employer needs and allowing new graduate aspirations for that first job, that fulfilling career, and a life well-lived.

Joan T. A. Gabel, University of Minnesota

Initiative Differentiators

The Employer Survey initiative engages the entire state, covering a broad and diverse group of organizations and capturing employer trends unique to geography. The survey findings have been presented at national conferences and used to inform career counseling, providing key details on industry expectations and high-demand skills. The 2020 survey will be particularly crucial in evaluating the impact of COVID-19 on needs and gaps within unique industries across the state.

Key Interventions and Milestones

The Employer Survey runs every two years, with 2020 as a survey year. The data collection phase of the initiative was completed in mid-September, with the data gathered now being used in student outreach programs. The initiative team will work on developing hiring and training content to engage employer partners, as well as increasing outreach to targeted student groups with the data most relevant to them.

Expected Impact

The 2020 Employer Survey aims to increase the 20% response rate among employers, as well as the number of employer respondents, to gather even more robust data for students and faculty. The initiative team also seeks to expand 2020 data to include a wider range of student cohorts, including vulnerable students, in order to serve an overall goal of providing relevant, accurate employment data to support career preparedness across campus.