Employ NV Career Hubs: CSN's Strategic Workforce Reemployment Plan

College of Southern Nevada — Goal 1 Initiative Employ NV Career Hubs: CSN's Strategic Workforce Reemployment Plan

The Employ NV Career Hubs Strategic Workforce Reemployment Plan is designed to address the changing demands of Nevada's economy by launching six career reskilling centers across Southern Nevada , connecting trained students with high-demand skills to employers who need them.

The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged Nevada's tourism and hospitality sectors, displacing thousands of workers and shifting the state's economy toward industries like cybersecurity, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing. This change has largely affected traditionally vulnerable minority populations, particularly workers with limited English proficiency who have been laid off from casinos and restaurants. Employ NV Career Hubs seek to address this economic crisis by reskilling employees and students to prepare them for high-demand occupations, like IT, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Through the Employ NV initiative, the College of Southern Nevada will create six one-stop career centers across Southern Nevada , focusing on regions where minority populations have been impacted by COVID-19 layoffs. These centers will address the whole person, offering counseling, assessment, and placement services and providing access to training courses for dozens of high-demand industries. Employ NV places a special emphasis on integrating existing courses – like Limited English Proficient pathways – into the reskilling curriculum. The initiative also includes the creation of over 20 "just-in-time" Centers, allowing students access to accelerated degree and credentialing programs.

The initiative will provide career training access to over 50,000 full- and part-time students across the College of Southern Nevada's three main campuses, meeting diverse populations where they are and backing their growth to support Nevada's changing employment demands. Employ NV aims to create a comprehensive workforce ecosystem in Southern Nevada and across the State, partnering with local and state economic stakeholders to root the initiative in the real needs of Nevada.

Initiative Differentiators

The Employ NV Career Hubs initiative builds on the existing College of Southern Nevada's student support systems to meet the economic demands of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. By bringing career centers to regions hit hardest by pandemic-related layoffs, Employ NV is integrating these support systems into new communities while addressing local and state economic needs.

Key Interventions and Milestones

In late 2020, the Employ NV one-stop career centers began to open across the State, with opening plans continuing into early 2021. By February 2021, all six Centers will be providing full services to students, including career assessment and job placement. "Just-in-time" accelerated learning programs will be offered in over 20 key industries by March of 2021, and as the initiative continues to roll out, data will be collected on student intake numbers with a target of half or more students engaged in credentialing or employment search reaching those goals.

Expected Impact

The Employ NV Career Hubs initiative will bridge the gap between Nevada's changing economy and its workforce, providing reskilling and career advising to over 50,000 College of Southern Nevada students. By engaging with local and state economic development officials to identify key industries, the initiative will create a long-lasting workforce ecosystem to support the growth of both students and the economy.