The Bruin Promise

UCLA — Goal 1 Initiative The Bruin Promise

The Bruin Promise is a commitment from UCLA to provide access to lifelong learning to Bruins through thousands of affordable workshops and courses and more than 100 certificate and specialization programs.

The Bruin Promise provides continuing education to all UCLA graduates and certificate holders through free and paid classes, in addition to opportunities for alumni to teach and learn from each other. All alumni will be contacted to make them aware of the offerings and to encourage enrollment. The initiative is a collaboration between UCLA Extension and UCLA Alumni Affairs.

Course offerings include classes in business management, current events, arts, personal and professional development, education, engineering and digital technology, and are offered remotely to ensure accessibility for Bruins everywhere. Special programming is included for those graduating in the years 2020-2023, the "COVID era."

Initiative Differentiators

The notion of providing lifelong learning to all graduates is a bold undertaking, and one which will further increases the long-lasting value of a UCLA degree.

Initiated in fall 2019, the Bruin Promise draws on the strengths and assets of two UCLA world-class programs, UCLA Extension and UCLA Alumni Affairs, to give graduates the tools they need to be successful in early, mid- and late career stages and changes.  Involving alumni in the teaching of some initiative courses also provides those instructors with positive exposure and professional development experiences while connecting Bruins to Bruins.

Key Interventions and Milestones

UCLA is reaching out to all contactable alumni to make them aware of the Bruin Promise, encouraging them to enroll. Seniors graduating in the "COVID era" (classes of 2020-23), are especially targeted to ensure they are aware of this new lifelong commitment from UCLA that comes with their diploma at this especially critical time in the job market.

Expected Impact

The Bruin Promise increases the value of a UCLA degree or certificate, ensuring that UCLA graduates have access to the lifelong learning they need to be successful in their careers in the post-COVID years, while deepening the mutually beneficial connection between alumni and the university.  By offering programs through virtual means we continue to strengthen our global alumni community.